Top 10 Must Download Latest Apps for Your New Android Smartphone

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Have you purchased a new Android smartphone? Then, you must be thinking to make the most of your new handset. Well, certainly you can run any Android app currently available in the Google Play store on your new premium Galaxy S3 or Xperia Z. However, recently the Google Play Store has got updated with new app launches that are worth a download.

Moreover, the Google Play Store is growing at a rapid pace as compared to the iTunes app store and is predicted by market experts to reach the milestone of 1 million apps sooner than Apple does.

In order to contribute to this and help Play Store do so, the Android developers seem to be launching new and new applications almost every day. This week as well, if you have noticed on the Play Store, there are ten new applications listed as newly launched. Below is a gallery showing them all and explaining their uses.

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Dungeon Hunter 4

Gameloft has announced their extremely popular RPG game Dungeon Hunter 4 to Android. Dungeon Hunter is one of the most popular RPG games on mobile, and this marks the 4th installment from Gameloft. Building on the previous version the graphics have been improved, gameplay is better and more smooth, and of course the support for more devices.

Currently, Gameloft has launched the free version of the model with this new game, but promises a pretty engaging experience for gamers. With 4 types of warriors, multiplayer, co-op mode and more its certainly worth giving a try.

Download Dungeon Hunter


Qello streams the widest selection of the highest quality concert films and music documentaries to any digital device worldwide. It offers a wide range of All-Access features such as: premium and curated content, design your own Setlists, Share, social concert digital premiers, unlimited viewing on every Qello application, live Q&A sessions with artists, monthly reviews from tastemakers, and more.

Qello's deep library includes many rare and digitally re-mastered classic concerts from Ike and Tina, to the Beatles, to Jimmy Hendrix, Elvis, and Bob Marley - restored and resurrected for music lovers to experience forever. But, currently, it is available as an one week trail version.

Download Qello

The Room

The Room is an ingeniously crafted puzzle game distinguished by its jaw-dropping 3D graphics and palpable sense of doom and gloom. A riddle wrapped in an enigma and smothered in secret sauce, The Room presents gamers with a series of locked boxes and safes alongside a string of clues to help you determine what's inside.

A magical eyeglass gives you the perspective necessary to make sense of it all, but comprehension is fleeting as each solution poses even more questions, immersing you deeper and deeper into the dark environment.

Download The Room

Magic Fluids

Magic Fluids is an animation app that simulates the effects of liquid and smoke with a bit of artful flair. With a pretty robust number of settings to tweak and play with, you can spend hours getting lost in this app. When you're done actively using it, Magic Fluids can be turned into a live wallpaper as well.

If you are a more artistic person and like completely manipulating some realistic-looking water animations, this could have some value for you as well.

Download Magic Fluids


PUK is a dynamic game, which is involves throwing down a challenge of your dexterity, endurance and nervous system. To finish the game you should pass 1000 levels generated in a random way. No indulgences, no savings. Cleared the screen, pass to the next. Are not in time, make a fresh start.

Each level starts with you having a bunch of strikers at the bottom of the screen and an equal number of bigger circles above. Your job is to hit all the bigger circles with the strikers before the time runs out. There is an inclusion of a timer for each level and that's what brings the tension and excitement in the game.

Download PUK

Knowing more words and expanding your vocabulary is helpful. is one of the most popular websites for providing definitions and with its Android app, you will have easy access to every word you can think of on the go. The app is extremely user friendly and feature rich, even including a helpful widget.

A great feature of is the ability to switch between Dictionary mode and Thesaurus mode. Whenever you have a word open, you will either see a D or a T button depending on which mode you are in.


Cut the Rope: Time Travel

ZeptoLab, the creators of popular game Cut the Rope has launched the Cut the Rope: Time Travel a new game in the Cut the Rope series. In this game Om Nom stumbles upon a time travel machine and is using it to go back in time and discover his roots, teaming up with his candy-chomping kin along the way.

It also feature a new season of the award-winning Om Nom Stories animated series, so fans can go on the adventure with Om Nom as he travels back in time and across the globe to meet his ancestors throughout the ages. This has a same mechanism as the Cut the Rope, where players cut the ropes and collect stars to unlock levels with challenging new gameplay elements. And, instead of one, you need to feed two hungry green monsters.

Download Cut the Rope: Time Travel

CSR Racing

CSR Racing from NaturalMotion offers a racing experience involving a drag race along city streets with high-fidelity graphics designed to beat other 1080p console racing games. Licensed cars for the game include Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, GM, Mini and Nissan and cars can be upgraded with turbos, nitrous injection, tweaks to the aerodynamics and racing tires to suit your driving style.

Cars can also be customized with custom license plates, paints and decals and there's an underlying edge to the game involving the crews that rule the city and their own drivers.

Download CSR Racing

DocuSign Ink-Sign & Send Docs

DocuSign Ink is an app that lets you digitally sign documents, send out documents that need to be signed, and sync those documents with cloud storage accounts like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. You can also take a photo of a physical document and upload it to the app. If you are pulling a document from email, you can simply tap the document on your mobile device and choose "Open in DocuSign Ink" to get going.

All in all, DocuSign Ink is one of the best and reliable options for signing and sending documents.

Download DocuSign Ink-Sign & Send Docs


Cinemagram allows users to shoot and share four-second video clips and apply effects to them. The services comes with its own timeline and social feed, with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr sharing features included. Although Cinemgram has stacks of potential, some users on Google Play are reporting bugs and glitches. Maybe an update will add an extra coat of polish soon.

Download Cinemagram

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