Mobile Love App 'Elop' Launched

To make things easier for those bitten by the love bug, a Kochi-based startup has launched mobile love app 'Elop'.

Akash Mathew, CEO & Founder, CIED Technologies, which has developed the app says: 'This is so popular as it is a safe and easy way of expressing love, saving the embarrassment and awkardness while trying to protect friendships'.

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The initial version (Desktop app) was a runaway hit, counting over 30,000 users in 130 countries in a short span since its introduction in 2014, a press release said.

Mobile Love App 'Elop' Launched

Developed by five budding entrepreneurs while still in a college in Kerala in 2013, the app had seen a popular acceptance, resulting in a wide user base in a short while.

The group formed Cied Technologies Pvt. Ltd. To take the concept forward and had been chosen for mentoring and incubation at Startup Village.

ELOP app currently boasts of a success rate of 10 per cent, a stunning statistic in the world of similar products.

The app reduces the pestering of random profiles as it works through Facebook and the persons contacted are in the known friends list. The user adds friends to his 'Crush List', at which moment the app anonymously notifies the added person.

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If the user wants to express his or her "love" or interest in another user, he or she can send song dedications to arouse curiosity. The first user can send hints which the receiver can approve of by 'liking' it. If the other person also adds the first person to his/her crush list, both are notified.

In case the target 'crush' is not an ELOP app user, the dedications and hints could be sent to their email or mobile phones via SMS. This way Elop helps users reach their special ones on their mail/phone.

The ELOP team is now running a Campus Ambassadors Programme to make the app more comfortable and accessible to users.

"The aim is to create a network of students ambassadors across campuses in the country. Students can use the App to select the ambassador for their campus by using an 'awesome' voting button on the app. We are currently running it in 20 campuses across India," says Akash.

The app, which has become popular due to its anonymity features, does not post, share or tag posts, thus not even revealing that the user is using ELOP. User identities are revealed only when there is a matching crush notification.


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