Top 4 Android Apps to Hide Private Content on Your Smartphones

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Most people using smartphones sometimes are in need of Android apps that can keep their videos and photos private from third party users. If you are also the one looking for an effective way to hide personal pictures and media files on your phone from others, then Gizbot is where your search ends today!

As today, we have gathered a list of 4 excellent Android apps that will help you password protect your pictures and various other files on your phone, so that they don't fall in the hand of others, giving them an opportunity to leak your content and spring a scandalous event.

Have a look at the slideshow to go through the free app options.

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Hide Pictures in Vaulty

‘Hide Pictures in Vaulty' is a free android app that is one of the most commonly used one among such apps. The desired videos and photos can be included within a secure vault by making use of this app. The selected items are safeguarded in a separate private gallery preventing easy access to others as it is managed by a PIN or a password.

Hide It Pro

‘Hide It Pro' is another free android app in the category that helps users in hiding apps, messages and also calls along with videos and photos. The audio manager app is easily accessible even while the items remain protected. The ease of use is the key element of this app with hiding and un-hiding items can be easily carried out, that too in batches. Like the above app, password and PIN are the means by which protection is guaranteed.

Hide pictures - KeepSafe Vault

‘Hide pictures - KeepSafe Vault' is an interesting android app with some impressive features even while encryption is not offered. With this app, third party users can be fooled by making them visit a fake gallery with dummy items. The Safe Send feature of this app allows sending images for a restricted time period, as well.

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos

‘Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos' is the best choice for users who need option for protecting diverse items. The videos and photos get saved on a vault that is password protected and encrypted. Users are flexible to safe guard text messages, contacts and also call history. All these android apps are used for keeping your items safe from casual snoopers but not from determined hackers. So it is still the owner's responsibility to keep gadgets safe from suspicious people.

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