After Android Launch, Instagram App On the Way to Windows Phone Marketplace?

After Android Launch, Instagram App On the Way to Windows Phone Marketplace?

Instagram, the popular photo sharing app for iOS and Android, would be soon available for Windows phone users too. Some online sources have reported Microsoft’s plans to include the app for its Windows Phone platform despite the recent acquisition of the service by Facebook. Facebook had recently acquired Instagram for a whopping $1 billion. However, neither Microsoft nor Facebook has confirmed this Instagram update for Windows.

The rumors started to surface when Nokia showcased its Lumia 920 last week. Nokia had mentioned about several app titles which will accompany its Lumia range of devices. In a promotional video released by the company, an Instagram like app was also observed. The app that was shown in the video seemed to have a user interface design like Instagram. From the video the app appears to be a standalone and it is yet to be confirmed whether the app will support the new Lenses camera functionality in Windows Phone 8. Sources claim that further information regarding the app will be made available only during the later part of this year.

Some analysts are suggesting that the app showcased in the video by Nokia could very much be Vimeo too. However several other analysts have negated this claim suggesting that the app is actually Instagram itself. There are also reports that Instagram is not investing its resources in the development of the app for Windows Phone 8 and the development could be funded entirely by Microsoft. It is quite possible since Microsoft had developed the apps for Facebook and Twitter previously on their own.

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