Weekend App Roundup : 5 Must Have Apps for iOS and Android

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The weekend is here, you're probably popping open a beer and spending some time with family and friends. You're also hoping that you can spend some quality time with that brand new smartphone or tablet that you just bought. If so, then Gizbot is here to help.

Weekend App Roundup : 5 Must Have Apps for iOS and Android

We've picked up some nice new apps for iOS and Android that you should definitely try out. Run though the sliders below for a taste of what's new and fun.

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1 Second Everyday

Many of today's digital products are centered around nostalgia. They usually deal with pictures, videos and events. This app hopes to follow that trend. It allows you to record a one-second video clip of your life on a day to day basis. After this, it arranges them in chronological order and stores them on your Google Drive account. You can watch the compiled videos based on any time frame of your choosing.

When you do look back and open up an old compilation, you will be treated to a beautiful film reel that summarizes an entire week, month or even a year. Very few things are as wonderful as getting a chance to look back at the daily highlights of your life over a period of time.



Twisty Launcher

Motorola has been highlighting its twist-to-launch gesture feature which allows users to open the camera app on its new Moto X handset. This new app from Prometheus Interactive should help you get that very feature onto your current Android phone.

The app's functionality is simple. You have to simply choose an app that will open when you perform the twist gesture with your phone. After that, regardless of what app you are in, a twist will pop the camera app open instantly, allowing you to capture photos at short notice without missing important moments.



This app will help you learn French, Spanish, German, Portugese, Italian and English. Here's the best part, its absolutely free. There are no advertisements, limited-trial periods or any of that nonsense, Just pure lingual bliss. The learning process is fun and addictive, and users climb from level to level as they get better with their language of choice.

Totally Pregnant

If you're expecting a new addition to the family anytime soon, then you definitely want this app. It promises to be a one-stop digital pregnancy companion providing 40-weeks worth of 3D videos, helpful content that should give you tons of advice, tips and much more.




Yes, we know that you've tried, enjoyed, got bored of and then deleted this app in the past. But the recently updated version of Shazam, Version 4.0, is simply wonderful. Featuring new UI, beautiful visuals and a smooth experience, the free version of this app is a must have for your smartphone. For the uninitiated, Shazam basically allows you to recognize music that is playing around you. Apart from that, you can also buy tracks on Amazon, watch YouTube videos, get social by checking on what your friends have been Shazzaming and also learning more about your favorite artists. Pretty neat huh?


Passionate about your wine? Then this app should serve as your personal sommelier. It allows you to remember what you drink by allowing you to snap a quick picture, log a tasting note and rate it. All this information goes into your virtual wine cellar. You can also perform some extensive wine research by reading expert reviews and getting recommendations based on your taste.




If you love doodling, then there isn't a better app. Throw away your notepad and save some trees in the rain forests by downloading Doodle.ly. The application, apart from simply doolding, allows you to use realistic media options like pens, markers and crayons. And we love how each effect happens to be very realistic. There's a pinch to zoom feature, and even options to share on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. Also, the app is a social tool, which allows you to interact with and follow other doodlers on its community.

Sound Focus

Here's a music app designed for people with hearing loss. The app runs a one minute test to understand the user's hearing patterns and then goes on to tune the sound frequencies accordingly. It then plays music such that the person can listen to tracks in full fidelity. Currently, the app can play music form Spotify and iTunes. Oh yes, here's the best part, despite all its brilliance, the app is free to download.


The app has been optimized for both the iPhone and iPad. Its received several laurels and has even been named Apple's App of the Week. Apart from allowing users to set alarms with dragging gestures, it also boasts interchangeable themes for its UI. There's also an option to integrate it with the "Do Not Disturb" feature in iOS.

Pro Party Planner

This app if filled with tons of functionality, so much so that an event manager might exchange it for his entire team. Import guest lists and delegate tasks to those involved. You can even set reminders and call co-planners using facetime straight form the app. And here's the best part. There's a neat option using augmented reality that allows you to visualize details like table arrangements on pictures of the venue.

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