Android coming soon to Desktops

Android coming soon to Desktops

The world's most famous operating system, Android is reportedly going to make it's way to Desktop computer soon. Google has plans to launch a full-fledged version of the desktop version of it's Android operating system. This move comes at a time when Canonical is planning to bring it's Ubuntu Linux operating system to the Android Phones.

The Android desktop version is reportedly going to enhance & enrich the functionality of desktop computers. Google & Intel are said to have collaborated in developing Android for X-86 architecture computers. One of the notable specifications here is going to be the multi-touch user interface.

You can surely expect new features in the android desktop version say experts. These features are surely expected to give a new dimension to desktop computing & thus save the already staggering desktops from being phased-out. Thus, we can expect a revolution of sorts through the Android Desktop computers in future.

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