Apple mid end model iPad 2S all set to be launched in 2012

Apple mid end model iPad 2S all set to be launched in 2012

Rumours aren’t a big deal for Apple. But it’s different for gadget buffs and Apple followers. Apple’s iPads gained worldwide recognition in a short time, eventually aiding the rise of Apple’s annual revenue. It’s the iPads which contribute to the great revenue achieved by Apple each year. With such a reputation, it is obvious that there will be numerous rumours concerning Apple iPads.

A few of them gets authorized confirmation, but most rumours are just some bright ideas from gizmo nerds which they would like in an iPad. The latest rumour about Apple’s iPads is quite intriguing. But this rumour might get real as several reputed sites started supporting it. The rumour is basically about Apple’s plan for the next year, regarding the iPads. DigiTimes recently reported that there is going to be some surprises in the Mac World/iWorld Conference which is reported to be held on January 26th, 2012.

As per the report, Apple will be showcasing a high end tablet referred to as the Apple iPad 3 and another mid-range tablet, which is referred to by the name Apple iPad 2S. The exhibition of the high end and mid end tablets is quite unlikely, as Apple stated in the year 2008 that they wouldn’t be presenting products at this conference after that which was held in 2009.

Media events that focused on tablets scored a home run when Apple presented the two new versions of iPads. The first Apple iPad, as you know, was announced in the month of January of 2010. Apple iPad 2 became public next year (2011) on March. All of a sudden, rumours came in from all directions that a new iOS tablet is going to be launched on Steve Jobs’ birth date. The story goes that Apple will offer major discounts for iPad 2 so as to compete with Amazon Kindle Fire, an Android powered tablet, which costs very much less than iPad 2, as Kindle Fire has been reported to surpass the sales of iPads this season.

The rumour which was most discussed was about the new iPads featuring Retina Display, which would give a display resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, which is four times that of the current iPad models. A few trusty tipsters made it public that the mid end and high end new model iPads will have a brighter display owing it to the double LED light bar. Both models are also reported to feature QXGA resolution.

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