Asus G74SX Vs Asus G53SX Gaming Laptops Head To Head Comparison

Asus G74SX Vs Asus G53SX Gaming Laptops Head To Head Comparison
Asus G74SX and G53SX are cool new laptops exclusively designed by Asus for those who love playing Video Games. Hardcore video game buffs usually go for the consoles. But there are a lot of gamers who want to continue gaming the old way, in a computer. They obviously desire a computer powerful enough to support Hi end video games and offers good performance in applications other than games as well, say HD Video supports. G74SX and the G53SX are two such laptops which are designed to satisfy gaming buffs.

Asus G74SX has the Asus cooling technology which kind of acts as a heat sink so that the processor can withstand heavy loads of tasks, that is, it doesn't heat up that easy even if it's stressed out with a handful of tasks because there are vents on the back. Asus G53SX 3D notebook on the other hand is an exclusive 3D gaming device which has a split screen technology by which the screen will be split to display 2D and 3D contents separately.

Asus G74SX uses an Intel Core i7 processor of 2 GHz clockspeed in a Sandy Bridge 2630QM Chipset. Processor-wise, Asus G53SX is equally powerful with similar CPU specifications. But apparently, G74SX offers better graphics support even though both the notebooks are equipped with the same NVIDIA GeForce GTX560M graphics accelerator card, because there is a difference in the video memory. Video game performance is way faster and better in G74SX as it has 3 GB DDR3 video memory and an Intel GMA HD card as well; while G53SX has only 2 GB DDR3 dedicated video memory.

Both laptops have good full sized inclined keyboards with neatly spaced keys. The 5 degree inclination of the keyboard will give extra comfort while typing or mashing keys while gaming. Both notebooks have full HD 1080p displays but G74SX's screen is larger with its 17 inches while that of the G53SX is just 15 inches. But G53SX makes it up with the THX and EAX 5.0 3D sound and its connectivity support to play games in 3D TVs. The 10000 rpm SSD partition in the G53SX enables very fast system boot up. The same goes for the Asus G74SX as well, only faster. They both have USB v2.0 and v3.0 ports. But the G74SX sports a Blu ray drive.

Asus G74SX 3D Gaming laptop is available at a reasonable price in India of around Rs 75,000/-, while Asus G53SX 3D Gaming notebook has price in India lower than the G74SX but the exact amount is not yet revealed.

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