Is Apple making an iPad 4?

Is Apple making an iPad 4?

Is there an iPad 4? Does Apple have plans of developing an iPad 4? The answer is yes according to a few people who claim that the i Pad 4 has already been manufactured & is going to be launched after the iPad 3 release. These people have also shot a  video which  reportedly shows what is probably the iPad 4. You can also see two iPads placed next to each other in a professional manner.

The features of the reported iPad 4 were also exhibited in the video. These features include the presence of a holographic 3D projector. A more efficient, faster processor has also reportedly been incorporated into the iPad 4. It is also speculated that the display of the iPad 4 is going to be an enhanced one with a better resolution.

One of the flagship features of the iPads, the Siri Voice Assistant is also going to be present in the iPad 4 state the speculations. Thus, there are speculations as of now but if there is indeed an iPad 4, it is sure to serve as a boon to mankind.

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