Opera 12.10 Browser Now Announced for HD Displays of Windows 8, Linux and Mac OS X Devices

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Opera 12.10 Browser Now Announced for HD Displays of Windows 8, Linux and Mac OS X Devices

It is the era of high definition and retina displays. Those who have been waiting for popular browser Opera’s version to support these high end display screens can finally rejoice. Opera 12.10 browser version is being rolled out which is specifically designed to support HD displays with added security and API features. The release date of this browser version is significant in the context of Microsoft releasing their Surface RT tablet. 

The updated browser version 12.10 will feature a Fullscreen API that can support playing video games and do more faster browsing especially on the Surface tablet. Few images have also surfaced showing the clarity and vibrancy in images viewed through this updated 12.10 Opera browser version when compared to the 12 version. 

In addition to more secured extension frameworks and more number of API’s, there are some more updates to this Opera 12.10 version. The new version will also have updates for Mac OS X Mountain Lion and tighter Notification Center integration. With this updated browser, users will receive a notification when a download process finishes.

Users can also use the built-in capability to instantly share the pages with social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, and more. The Opera 12.10 browser version also enables full on Windows 8 integration in PC’s and also introduces features like pinch-to-zoom and inertia scrolling on Windows 7 as well as 8. 

The updated browser also loads much faster on platforms like Gmail, Twitter and Wordpress. Download and enjoy the new updated Opera 12.10 browser.

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