Relax! Try These 10 Tricks To Run Your PC Faster

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You may have noticed over the past few months that your treasured computer has slowed down considerably. Many of us still think that the best way to speed up a lagging PC is to delete everything - reinstall operating system - and start again. It may sound awesome, but it has its own risks.

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Relax! Try These 10 Tricks To Run Your PC Faster

We know how caring attitude you have towards your Personal Computer (PC). If you decide to take these recommended methods, we recommend you to back up your data before hand to Google Drive. These 10 simple tips and tricks (some of them may cost you for sure) will definitely make your PC run faster.

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Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

If your browser is running slow or prone to crashing, it's better to clear your cache. Different browsers have different settings type, but generally you need to go to settings, followed by history option to clear the cache.

Upgrading your PC's hard-drive could also be a sensible option. While the traditional hard-drives (HDD) are cheaper, if recommend you to use the modern day solid-state drives (SSD) that are based on flash memory. Yes, they are expensive than the traditional hard-drives (HDD).

Malware could be the biggest reason why your PC has slowed down. The best way is to purchase antivirus software from a reputed company. Or if by chance your free antivirus software has expired, try using Microsoft's free security essentials antivirus.

RAM (Random Access Memory) is cheaper to buy and easy to upgrade. Head over to New Delhi's Nehru Place to figure out your requirements. It's a very easy setup though. Even you can do it yourself.

Performing a reinstall of your Windows PC could be a better idea. However, make sure you upload all your important files (documents, videos and music) to Google Drive or DropBox.

There are a couple of free third-party programs available out there that will definitely speed up and clean your PC. Before you decide which one to choose, go through reviews available on some leading tech sites. Regardless of what others say, we recommend you to try CCleaner that will surely help you to delete temporary files and delete cache.

It's not mandatory to do so, but restarting your computers daily will help your PC to run faster. It's particularly important if you primarily use your PC to run heavy apps and programs.

If your computer has been slowed over the past few days, then in that case make sure your remove unused or unwanted programs. Well the process to remove unwanted programs is damn easy. All you need to go to My Computer> Uninstall or change a program>select it from the list and then click uninstall.

There is an option called Disk Cleanup on your PC. It basically scans your PC for unnecessary large files. You can use Disk Cleanup to free up to 2.55GB of disk space on Windows PC.

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 OS is worth waiting for. The new OS from Microsoft seems to be a well-executed operating system (OS). Interestingly, the tech giant from Redmond will offer Windows 10 for free, though limited to one year.



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