Some tips and tricks to make your operating system more productive

Some tips and tricks to make your operating system more productive

Here we present you certain tricks using which you can make your Windows 7/ Mac OS X Lion more productive & useful. This in turn leads to the operating system becoming more user friendly. The tricks are as follows:

1) Creating of WI-Fi hotspot: It is very easy to convert your Windows 7 PC into a WI-Fi hotspot using free software. Through these software, your Windows 7 Laptop/Desktop can be converted into a wireless router and you can share internet as well. To achieve this, you can use Connectify( or Virtual Router(

2) Use Windows Media Center: The multimedia center provides you a mind blowing multimedia experience. This feature is provided as an inbuilt add-on in Windows 7 Home Premium, Enterprise, Professional & Ultimate Edition. Through the media center you can also connect your PC to a T.V & can stream free content of all types easily & effectively.

3) Launch Apps Faster: In Windows 7 an app is launched when you just type their names. This makes your experience an intuitive as well as an enriching one.

4) Use your Xbox effectively: If you are an Xbox user and have the Xbox connected in the same network as your Windows 7 PC, you can easily stream all your multimedia content and enjoy them seamlessly through the Windows Media Center.

5) Use the Problem Steps Recorder: This acts as a diagnostic tool and diagnoses the problem that has caused your Windows 7 PC to behave weirdly or even crash. Through the problem Steps Recorder, the cause of the problem can be found out quickly & effectively. Thus you get effective solution to all your problems.

So, follow all the above mentioned tips & ensure that your PC is the best. Reply with your opinion in our comment section below.


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