Top 10 Tablet PCs of 2011

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1) Apple iPad 2:


Top 10 Tablet PCs of 2011

Perhaps one of the revolutionary products from apple to hit the tablet PC market, the iPad2 is expected to be a tablet users' dream. It is feature filled to the core and comes in three variants namely the 16 GB, 32 GB & 64 GB versions. This tablet PC is light-weight & thus can be carried around easily.

One intriguing feature is the presence of twin-cameras which provide for a rich computing experience. Video calls are facilitated easily through the front VGA camera called Facetime. Thus, the iPad2 can be called as the "King of all tablet PCs" in 2011.


2) Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1:

Top 10 Tablet PCs of 2011


Termed as one of the i Pad's rivals, the Galaxy tab 10.1 provides astonishing features & has easy-customize options. It makes use of the android honeycomb OS & runs on a 1GHz dual-core processor. Like the iPad2, the Galaxy Tab also has twin cameras and a host of other latest features. It provides a good battery backup as well. In sync with the iPad2, this tablet comes in three variants namely the 16 GB, 32 GB & 64 GB versions.


3) Toshiba Thrive:

Top 10 Tablet PCs of 2011

The Thrive is an ultra-thin tablet PC that is feature-filled and provides rich user functionality. It runs on the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor & thus provides efficient performance to the users. It runs on the Android Honeycomb operating system. It has cool features in all the respective areas. One intriguing feature to note is the presence of a 2 MP front camera & 5 Mp rear camera. This provides a rich multimedia experience. It has a fairly good battery capacity as well. All in all, the Toshiba Thrive is a top tablet PC this season.


4) Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet:

Top 10 Tablet PCs of 2011

To enhance reading along with amazing multimedia facilities, the Barnes & Noble Nook tablets have been developed. The most exciting and attractive part of the Nook Tablet is the 7 inch wider display which comes along with the touch facility and rich colors. The richness in color combination is because of Vivid View color technology which is incorporated into it. Thus, the tablet is a must have this season.


5)  Sony Tablet S:

Top 10 Tablet PCs of 2011

Sony's most ambitious product till date, the Sony Tablet S has latest technology incorporated into it. This makes it capable of providing many high end features to the users. It has an attractive design & is light-weight. Sony Tablet S is tailor made for multimedia, provides an intuitive reading environment as well. Apart from these, there are other features as well that make this tablet a stand-alone product.

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