7 Best Sony Launches Made at CES 2013

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We have seen previously that Sony aimed at delivering a truly connected experience in consumer entertainment with the new technologies incorporated its products. CES 2013 has been a totally illuminating venue for the Sony lover, with Sony showing off a range of products with innovative technologies. Let's take a look at the top product launches by Sony at CES 2013. 

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Sony Cyber-shot cameras

The new Sony Cyber-shot cameras, WX60, WX80 and WX200 emphasize awesome picture quality, Wi-Fi as well as enhanced Optical Cyber-shot which is very effective when zoom is used. The cameras house Exmor R sensors which delivers superb and detailed still images as well as full high definition video. Superior Auto has been enhanced so as to impart better results when dealing with moving subjects. Wi-Fi is in-built which facilitates sharing as well as back-up. The Advanced Flash option facilitates brightening of distant shots. Beauty Effect is available for those who wish to do instant retouches to their photos.
The cameras have compatibility with TRILUMINOS Display which offers the facility of playing back all photos and videos on BRAVIA TV in natural and rich colors.

Handycam Range from Sony

Sony's camcorders for the season offer awesome picture quality, easy sharing and superior sound. The new Handycam models launched are PJ780VE, PJ650VE, PJ420VE, PJ320E, CX410VE, CX320E, CX280E and CX220E. The camcorders feature a balanced Optical SteadyShot which facilitates the deployment of smoother movies in most of the models. They have brighter projector models equipped with external input. Sharing and back-up is easy with Wi-Fi which is optional. The camcorders are highly sensitive to sound catching everything from loud concerts to tiny whispers. TRILUMINOS Display feature lets users watch the videos with amazing clarity on a BRAVIA TV.

Water-proof Sony Walkman NWZ-W273 MP3 Player

The new water-proof and wireless Walkman from Sony, NWZ-W273 MP3 Player resists water even down to a depth of 2 m. Great sound quality will be delivered whether you are swimming, working out or anything sweat-breaking. The all-in-one player does not need to be attached to clothing and its design features include a secure-fitting pair of earphones which comes with ear buds with many sizes to choose from. It has 4GB memory and is compatible to iTunes. The MP3 Player will hit the markets across Europe in February 2013.

Sony Smart Blu-ray Disc players

Home entertainment gets a new definition with the brand new Smart Blu-ray Disc players from Sony which includes the models BDP-S3100, BDP-S4100, BDP-S1100 and BDP-S5100. The Disc players come with sensational styling, online services and enhanced Wi-Fi as well as easy access and control from mobiles. Sense of Quartz is the styling implemented which makes the players be at harmony with BRAVIA TV. Internet has smart access which allows users to stream video, music and other services. The mobile app, TV SideView allows users to browse content and services online. The players offer amazing quality of content. On connecting the player to the latest BRAVIA LCD TVs, users can experience images and videos in natural and rich colors. This is because of the TRILUMINOS technology. The Smart Blu-ray Disc players from Sony will be available for sale from February 2013.

X-Series wireless speakers

SRS-BTX500 and SRS-BTX300 are the new wireless speakers that Sony has brought out in the X-Series which are portable and smartphone-friendly. It is equipped with NFC as well as ‘One-Touch' technology for wireless music streaming. The speakers have premium design and deliver powerful and dynamic sound. Sound clarity and superb bass is provided by Magnetic Fluid Speaker technology. While SRS-BTX500 speakers are power-packed for optimum home experience, SRS-BTX300 is light and easy to carry, allowing users to carry it to wherever they wish without hassle. You can talk on your smartphone hands-free and also recharge its battery through the USB port of the speakers. The X-series wireless speakers from Sony will be available for sale from April.

New BRAVIA TV range

Sony lines up its new BRAVIA TV range which has stunning design and superb sound and picture quality. The new range of TVs incorporating many amazing features will be accompanied by 4K LED TVs X9000A series which comes in 65-inches and 55-inches. This is after the phenomenal success of 4K LED TVs sized 84-inches. The latest X-Reality PRO and 4K X-Reality PRO allow users to see every detail. Sounds have a strong bass and colors richer than ever due to TRILUMINOS Display. The TVs are elegantly designed in the new design from Sony called Sense of Quartz. The TVs also connect with tablets and smartphones with ease through the app TV SideView for iOS and Android devices. The BRAVIA range for the season will be available for sale from April in Europe. X9000A series will hit the markets from July.

Sony Xperia Z and ZL Smartphones

Sony launched its flagship smartphone Xperia Z, which the company boasts, delivers ‘superphone' experience. Xperia Z has 5-inch 1080p Full High Definition Reality Display and houses Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 which facilitates sharp viewing. The smartphone is powered by quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 4G LTE and 13 MP camera. Xperia Z features the first image sensor (Exmor RS for mobile) having High Dynamic Range video on smartphones. Xperia ZL delivering similar entertainment experience but with smaller form factor than Xperia Z will also hit select markets. Xperia Z will be available for sale in the first quarter of 2013.


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