Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch To Debut on December 22: 5 Cool Features

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After Sony, Samsung and several other tech giants, Qualcomm will be making an entry into the wearable technology arena with its brand new Toq smartwatch. The device is set to make its debut on December 2 for a price of $349 (Rs. 21,000 approx.) in the US.

Unlike Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which is currently the best selling device in its class, the Toq smartwatch can be paired with non-Galaxy phones as well. In fact, any handset running Android 4.0.3 can be paired with the new product to use it as a companion device.

What kind of features does it offer? They include standard features that you see in most smartwatches. Users will be able to accept and reject voice calls, view text messages and much more.

Shoppers can only pick the device up directly from the company's website. Click here to check it out.

Qualcomm, being a component maker, doesn't usually sell its products straight to customers. It normally makes high quality components and sells them to manufacturers, who go on to use them in their phones. Toq will represent the company's first opportunity to make direct contact to its customers.

The device has some amazing features that set it apart from the competition. Go through the slider below to check them out.

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Long Battery Life

Easily the most important feature that you should expect from a smartwatch, Toq offers multiple day battery life, something that Samsung's Galaxy Gear can't really do. Having a solid battery life is extremely important since users will find it frustrating to charge multiple devices on a daily basis, given that most of them carry more than two at any given time.

Best In Class Display

Qualcomm has given the device a wonderful Mirasol display. What's so wonderful about it? Well, its an always-on, color reflective display that Qualcomm has been trying to promote for years.

How is it different from the competition? Mirasol solves a key smartwatch problem. Screens on wearable devices usually get heavy and hot. Also, since they use AMOLED and LCD technology, they're very power-hungry displays, meaning that you're going to end up with some dissapointing battery life.

Remember the e-ink technology that you saw on Amazon's low-end Kindle? The ones that had a battery life of up to a month? Well, Mirasol happens to be very similar to that technology since it happens to be passive as well, meaning that it isn't using any power when the screen isn't updating. They also work very well in sunlight and in dark rooms.

All in all, the best display that you can currently have on a smartwatch.


Wireless Charging

The watch uses a 'drop and go' technology, which removes the need for wires and plugs and an available outlet, and instead lets users display the smartwatch as it rejuvenates.



Limited Edition

Qualcomm will be manufacturing only a limited number of these smartwatches, about ten thousand of them. This move will make them available only to those who are early and agile.


The device will come with two over-the-ear bluetooth headsets, which, when worn together, offer stereo sound and hands-free calling.

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