Samsung Curved OLED TV Poses at CES 2013 [IMAGE GALLERY]

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Samsung unveiled its new OLED TV at International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013. It is considered as the first curved OLED TV in the world. With this new innovation, Samsung confirms its significant part again in the history of home entertainment. Not much information about this product has been divulged yet. Even so, the official details can be expected soon. The company claims that the Curved OLED TV can display the content with ‘life-like' experience.

The most important feature expected with the Curved OLED TV is the panoramic effect. It is reported that the effect gives an immersive feel to certain images viewed in this set. The currently available flat-panel TVs are devoid of such features. This allows Curved OLED TV to show landscapes and nature-depicting scenes with more originality.

The curved panel of this TV keeps the distance between user and TV screen same from any angle. This provides a viewing experience that is more comfortable for the human eye. The optimized picture quality of the device also contributes to this. No doubt that the Curved OLED TV is an amazing result of Samsung's expertise in display technology.

The executive vice president (Visual Display Business) of Samsung Electronics commented that Samsung is looking forward to developing innovative television solutions far from the imagination of the consumers. The new TV technology can enhance the lives of users to a better extent in terms of entertainment. It is clear that Samsung has incorporated many advanced features with its Curved OLED TV which can mark its own signature presence in the technology market soon.

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