EA Games Price Hike in India Stirs Up An Angry Mob On Twitter

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Indian Gamers are taking to twitter to voice out their outrage, after EA announces that it will be hiking the prices for PC games by 133 %. People are almost waging war against the gaming company under the hashtag #EAPCIndia, which was started by Indianvideogamers.

EA Games Price Hike in India Stirs Up An Angry Mob On Twitter

EA announced that FIFA 14 will be priced at Rs 2,499, Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed: Rivals will be priced at Rs 3,499. This is a considerable hike as, compared to the prices of last year's titles which were available at Rs.1,499.

Indianvideogamer reports that the price hikes have little to do with falling currency values of the Indian Rupee, rather this is due to fact that gamers from other countries have been able to buy games from India based stores at cheaper prices. The intention behind the hike is to bring it closer to the international prices. Reportedly prices for console games have also been increased up to Rs 3,499 from Rs 2,999 last year. Basically the prices for console and PC are in par now.

The fall in currency value however has had an effect on other popular titles from companies like Ubisoft and Warner games. Before, PC games were usually priced at Rs. 999, but now the prices have gone up to Rs. 2,499. This makes them pretty much as expensive as console games.

These kind of prices can prove to be too expensive for people to afford. EA price hikes are especially high, given that the company has such a high fan base in India, twitter is being flooded by concerns from disappointed gamers.

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