PopCap Confirms Plants vs Zombies Sequel Launch in Spring 2013

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PopCap Confirms Plants vs Zombies Sequel Launch in Spring 2013

In a recent development, American video game developer and publisher PopCap has confirmed that its poplar game series Plants vs Zombies sequel will be launched in the spring of 2013.

PopCap is a division of the internationally popular EA games and has reportedly promised a "bevy of new features, settings, and situations designed to delight the franchise's tens of millions of fans around the world."

The firm, however, declined to provide any other details about the Plants vs. Zombies sequel beyond two "statements" from game characters. They have given no information regarding the supported platforms and pricing of the game.

Plants vs Zombies was launched in 2009 for PC and was followed by a release for iOS in the following year. The game has extended its reach since then and currently supports Xbox, Play station 3, Nintendo DS, Black Berry playbook and Android.

The game play features a house owner who uses various hungry plants to fight off an army of Zombies. Attributed to its popularity, Plants vs Zombies was awarded the title of Apple’s iPhone game of the year in 2010.

PopCap has not yet mentioned if they will release the new version as an update to the existing game or as a new print for purchase.

Well, whatever may be the case, the gamers will have to wait and watch till the launch of the sequel. And those of you, who have never played the game, the original Plants vs Zombies is already available for purchase on App store for HD iPad version $6.99 (approx. Rs 388), iPhone version @$2.99(approx. Rs 166). If you are purchasing through Google play, you will have to pay $2.95(approx. Rs 163).

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