Google's Newest Feature Will Delight Animal Lovers!

Google has introduced a new feature to its Search called animal sounds that will enable parents to teach children about different noises that animals make.

Google's Newest Feature Will Delight Animal Lovers!

Now, when you search for "animals noises," a field appears at the top of the Google search results showing illustrations of animals, their names and the sample of what they sound like. You can use the feature by either talking to Google app on smartphones or by typing questing like: "What sound does the cow make?"

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Currently, this features has a total of 20 animal sounds including Ape, Cat, Cow, Dog, Duck, Elephant, Horse, Lion, Moose, Owl, Pig, Raccoon, Rooster, Sheep, Tiger, Turkey, Turtle, Bowhead whale, Humpback whale and Zebra. Well, all the sounds have been recorded from live animals. Here is how to search to get the animal sounds on Google search.

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Go to Google search.

Search query


Just enter a search query like "What noise does a cow make?" or just type "animal sounds"



Google will bring the results right up, along with an audio clip and a phonetic transcription of the sound.

Other animals sound


Along with the search query, Google shows a selection of other animal noises that you might be interested in listening to.

On mobile


You can even ask Google using your smartphones.

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