40 Incredible Custom Android Home Screens to Give A Personal Touch to Your Smartphone

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There are times when we are looking for best wallpapers and homescreens to be studded on our shiny smartphones, in order to flaunt them infront of our friends and colleagues. For that we swirl through our respective app stores. But don't you think that is common enough? Well, Android smartphones score an advantage when it comes to the same, as the Play Store is filled with cool widgets to provide you amazing customizable homescreen options.

Numerous designers are making such layouts and publishing them on internet to grab for free. It is also an advantage of Android users over iPhone owners. As they can customize anything according to their interest.

Android home screens can be personalized using different elements such as widgets, applications, wallpapers and more. Especially, the wallpapers play an important role as they belong to different genres such as cartoons, abstract, anime, weird, funny and more.

The creative Android fans have designed a range of home screens for the devices based on the platform. Gizbot has come up with a list of 40 amazing and stunning Android home screens in the slideshow below. Have a look at it and download the ones you like.

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mage Source: Vipitus


mage Source: Kimilite


Image Source: Yihaomizhij


Image Source: dandylion7


Image Source: Davidbknox


Image Source: amachongz


mage Source: Nathan Wallace

Creative SSC 12

mage Source: Florian

Calm Hues

Image Source: Vanessa

Molr3′s Home Screen

Image Source: molr3

Japanese Candy

Image Source: Peti


Image Source: a-designs


Image Source: Myles


Image Source: Kimilite

Basic Green

Image Source: Vanessa

Getting Lost

Image Source: Eddie

Mr. Grey

Image Source: dandylion7

Lonely Street

Image Source: Vanessa

Surf’s Up

Image Source: Keesha


Image Source: Morgan Britt


Image Source: sasa408


Image Source: Syeiva Desylvia


Image Source: Andreas Gillstrom

Living Room

mage Source: rio13

MNML Colocircles

Image Source: GaRyArTs


Image Source: Suprafreak1000

Marvel Vs Capcom

Image Source: Max

Blue Skies

Image Source: Vipitus

Pixels & Sky

Image Source: Fabricio


Image Source: ex-slym

Drops of Circles

Image Source: Jeemshah

The One with the Shelves

Image Source: Chris Banks

Galaxy S2 Desktop .092011

Image Source: kanjimittoo


Image Source: Julian Lane


Image Source: Aaron

Crisp Winter

Image Source: oddspec


Green Powa

Image Source: Akos Resch


Image Source: JUVS


Image Source: Charsi Bevda

Simple One

Image Source: NAMEEE

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