Apple Back in Troubled Waters With iPhone 6: Disorderly Front Camera to be Blamed This Time

Apple may have released big new shiny devices this year with the likes of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus hitting the market, but in reality, it would like to forget about 2014 as quick as possible. Indeed, they have been in news in the current year for so many wrong reasons.

While Apple's iPhone 6 Plus is fresh out controversies regarding the entire bendgate incident, it seems like next in line is the iPhone 6. And reports are now stating that the handset's front camera is somewhat misaligned and keeps shifting base inside its slot.

Apple iPhone 6 In Pictures

Apple iPhone 6 Faces Misaligned Front Camera Issue Now

Opening up about this new issue on Reddit, an iPhone 6 user named BAnOpenMindedSkeptic stated: "My iPhone 6's front facing camera is misaligned. There is a crescent visible on the right side of the hole. This also happened to my friend's phone and a replacement model the Apple Store gave him."

And to Apple's dismay, most of the comments on the thread have actually agreed to the situation with the thread itself already getting more than 250 upvotes until now. Another image of the phone for the same issue zeroed in on the entire problem related to the camera.

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However, the iPhone 6 Plus currently remains unaffected by the same problem. Another Redditor, who also claims to be an Apple employee, stated that Apple is yet to identify the issue regarding the phone's front facing snapper. Interestingly though, the images clicked via the front snapper with so much issues aren't that problematic at all.

There were similar issues last month as well when Apple Support Communities complained that corners and the screen of both the new Apple iPhones were showing off scratches just from a week's use. However, an official announcement from Apple in the same is expected in the next few days.

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