Blackberry Phones To Support Location Based Services

Blackberry Phones To Support Location Based Services
Almost every new smartphones that come out features hi-speed WiFi support besides 3G. Now Blackberry is going to make their business more profitable with an all new strategy which is concerned with Wi-Fi. RIM's new strategic development schemes will give rise to Blackberry phones with location based services, not just from GPS support and cellular networks but using the WiFi network in the phone. Most phones don't have this feature but still gets location based services due to their GPS.

Now, smartphones with Wi-Fi has a rival who can make use of WiFi better than them. Using the WiFi network from the Blackberry phones, the handsets can be located anywhere. Statements made by the Research In Motion (RIM), has apparently exposed RIM's plan of integrating a new technology in Blackberry devices hence enabling them share/send the details of their location using their WiFi network. In ordinary handsets, GPS support was primarily relied on for getting their locations when necessary and it wasn't easy in many smartphones to transmit that information. Research In Motion has just given us an alternative.

The Blackberry devices will not have to rely on the GPS support and cell site location tracking, which have been in use for so long, anymore. Using the Wi-Fi network's ‘geo-location' feature is far faster, better and comparatively simple. But it's not that accurate though. But it can actually get a fix on the device's location faster than that by GPS which actually takes about 30 seconds. Using the GPS locator will also consume a lot of battery charge. But when compared with location tracking based on the services from the cellular network, the Wi-Fi geo-location is much more accurate for about approximately 60-200 meters.

RIM has already updated the Blackberry operating system in such a way that the OS would benefit from this feature. The new updated version of the OS will be known as Blackberry OS 6 and is said to be the new addition to the Application Programming Interface (API). The developers of the application will be able to use the API to work with developing a location-aware application.

Certain location based services are used in social networking applications for access to Facebook, Foursquare, etc. So the new app using API would be of great help to the aforementioned applications. Apparently, RIM Blackberry has already started facilitating the service in new Blackberry devices. But it's still in the development stage and it would take a couple more months to make it completely ready.

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