15 Fascinating Facts About Apple iPhones!

One of the most popular phones & one of the most popular companies of all time, well what more can be there to know about these than we already do. Looks like there is still a lot that we don't know about this revolutionary piece of technology. Let's check out some of the most interesting facts about Apple's iPhone.

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Apple didn’t own the trademark ‘iPhone’ originally


Cisco owned the rights of ‘iPhone' trademark but however Apple took the liberty of calling its new phone the ‘iPhone' anyway. So after the 2007 unveiling of the product, both the companies Cisco and Apple agreed to settle their dispute over a promise to collaborate on future products. However it's completely unclear as to what collaborations do they have done so far, if any?


The first iPhone was conceptualised in 1983


An Apple computer developer named Hartmut Esslinger had designed a landline phone in 1983 that reflected iPhone and iPad features with a stylus-controlled interface that we see today.


It’s always 9:41am in iPhone ads


A former Apple executive Scott Forstall explained that during the keynote presentations the product is unveiled after 40mins, so when the product is displayed to the audiences it resembles the current time of the day.


Samsung makes iPhone’s processors


Though both the companies are in a tug-of-war fight in the smartphone section and have been in legal battles before but still Samsung provides for the Apple's heart i.e. the A-x processors. Apple has reduced its reliance on Samsung but however the majority of the processors come from Samsung.


iPhone was on the cover of TIME magazine


The iPhone was so cool that it even made it to the cover of TIME magazine in the year 2007.


Retina display is the most expensive part of an iPhone


Set aside the design and assembly cost but the retina display of an iPhone is the costliest part of the phone. For example in iPhone 6s it costs around $45 and in iPhone 6s Plus it costs $52.

Apple has 200 patents for iPhone


The company has acquired more than 200 patents related to the technology used in making an iPhone since its release in 2007.


Apple has sold over 700 million iPhones


According to an announcement made by Apple CEO Tim Cook, in March last year, Apple has sold more than 700 million iPhones. And by now that number would have increased by 50-100 odd millions, so approximately on an average Apple has sold 7.8 million iPhones per month over a period of 8 years.

iPhone was born from an iPad project


During an interview in 2010, Steve Jobs said that he wanted the engineers to work on various tablet designs with a virtual keyboard. But only when they came back to him with a device featuring multitouch functionality, Jobs had an idea of applying this same technology to a phone.

iPhone is apple’s most profitable product


It is undoubtedly the company's money maker, as it contributes to nearly 70% of the Apple's revenue. Apple has $200 billion in the bank and that is mostly because of the strong consistent sales of iPhone.

Meaning behind the iPhone jailbreak software Cydia


There is a common apple worm called cydia pomonella that is why Jay Freeman, creator of the jailbreaking software ironically named it ‘Cydia'.


The iPhone prototype had a plastic display


Apple had put on a plastic display on the iPhone but after Steve Jobs used it for test run period, he realised that his keys were scratching the display. Hence, the iPhone we know comes with a glass display.


iPhone was a secret project


Steve Jobs told Scott Forstall that he can assemble a team of his own choice but on condition that he cannot choose anyone from the outside. So he started picking up only Apple engineers from different sections, still he could not tell them what the project was exactly about but only that it would require a great deal of hard work from their side.


Originally iPhone had a curved glass display


Well during its prototype period in 2012, Apple did plan of having an iPhone with a curved glass but since it was not very cost effective that idea was dropped.


The first iPhone demo was a miracle


Apple engineers were surprised to see that the iPhone prototype worked completely well during its demonstration in 2007 at MacWorld which was given by Steve Jobs himself. As it were just a prototype it had technical issues like Wi-Fi connectivity drops and other usability problems. It took Apple engineers a five months time after the original launch date to rectify all these issues and finally make the product ready for customer use.

Seeing the progress of Apple, we think the famous saying might get changed to this ‘An Apple product in hand keeps the technological problems away'.


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