Jill Sanders Launches LG Design Phone

Jill Sanders Launches LG Design Phone
Jill Sanders; a well known fashion establishment has decided to step ahead into the smartphone industry by launching its own smartphone in collaboration with one of the world leading digital gadgets manufacturer LG.

According to sources it is today (7th October) that the launch of the luxurious Jill Sanders smartphone has been schedule. The fashion house initiative smartphone will be known as LG Jill Sanders, which is about to host Jill Sanders applications along with lot of applications to make any user happy. The handset is built on windows 7 mango operating system with 1 GHz processor that ensures enough performance to deliver unique experience for the users.

You might be trying to spot what is so unique in the smartphone?

Well..... It is unique with its Jill Sanders application that enhances the users to be engaged with seasonal fashion collections. The Jill Sanders application will provide you with the latest information on the fashion world and changing trends in the industry. Moreover it will also help the user to be connected with social media activities and also helps sharing information. The application allows the user to locate the nearest Jill Sanders boutique through the store locator option in the application. The shopping menu in the application manages vivid options for the users such as navigating the users through each and every specialty of Jill Sanders online stores and also ensures to fulfill every requirement of the users in the fashion industry.

Regarding the Jill Sanders handset which is also known as LG E900, as told earlier is a performance ensured smartphone with enough specifications and features. Foremost the screen of the handset is which is 3.8 inches wider along with multi touch facility and also 480 x 800 pixel screen resolution. LG Jill Sanders also holds camera facility with 5 mega pixel that guarantees most brilliant images being captured. The camera has efficient video recording feature. According to LG authorities, the manufacturing team of LG Jill Sanders has ensured that all the features and facilities in LG Optimus has been included with the latest release along with the new features to make the users have a unique experience. Apart from all the company assures very good battery backup for the handset.

For the time being LG Jill Sanders or LG E900 will be available in countries such as German, UK and Italy. Very soon it will be made available in France and Austria. And for the Indian users, it might take some more time for them to get one from the retails. It is again disappointing that much information on the price in India of LG Jill Sanders is not available.

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