Maxx MT 150 Vs Xage MT 711 Head To Head Comparison

Maxx MT 150 Vs Xage MT 711 Head To Head Comparison
XAGE mobiles released their latest dual SIM mobile phone in the market with lots of specification at an affordable price. The hand set comes with touch screen facility with 3.2 megapixel camera which is an added benefit compared to Maxx MT 150. MT 150 features only a camera with 1.3 megapixel. Xage MT 711 also features a 3D menu display. In the current scenario 3D enabled devices are very attractive and it also suits current trends. The demands for 3D enabled gadgets are higher in the market compared to the previous trends. XAGE mobiles has kept this in mind and included such a feature.

Mobile phones with touch screen facility are trendy; MT 711 features an excellent 3.2 inches touchscreen with TFT technology. The touch facility makes it more attractive and different form Maxx mobiles MT 150. Maxx MT 150 comes only with 2.8 inches in dimension touch screen facility.

Instant messaging and social networking facilities are ensured by MT 711 as it supports 16 GB is the storage capacity. This is far better than Maxx MT 150 because MT 150 features only 2 GB with an expandable memory storage support up to 8 GB. The hand sets provide excellent battery back up, very suitable for the Indian conditions. MT 150 has a stylish finishing, with black color.

MT 150 looks very attractive and gives the impression of a costly hand set even though the price of the handset is below 5000. MT 711 has a brown colored finishing with smooth and stylish key pads and fine finishing.

Both Maxx MT 150 and Xage MT 711 share some common features such as video recording, music player and FM radio with schedule FM recording. The users can avail all the entertainment related features to keep themselves engaged by listening to music or playing videos. These handsets also features gaming options.

Connectivity requirements for data transfer and data management are also available such as Bluetooth and GPRS supported internet facility for browsing and social networking. Both the handsets provide dual SIM facility. USB cable comes along with the handsets for quick data transfer and other facilities.

With the added benefit of 3D menu display and 3.2 inches TFT touch screen, Xage MT 711 is a better option for user who is willing to spend some extra money and purchase the handset for Rs. 5,700. Maxx MT 150 comes under the price tag below 5000. The hand set is very reasonable model with touch screen facility at a price of only Rs. 3,200 in the Indian market.

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