Microsoft Surface Phone Caught in Benchmark App.. Really?

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Microsoft Surface Phone Caught in Benchmark App.. Really?

While the world is awaiting for the launch of Nokia's upcoming Windows Phone 8 Lumia range, reports have surprisingly surfaced in the tech media world that after announcing the Microsoft Surface this year, Microsoft appears to have turned its attention towards the smartphone market and launch a Windows Phone.

A German website has claimed in its report that a popular Windows Phone benchmarking app, WP Bench, has detected a new phone – one that is reported as the Microsoft Surface Phone. Further, the report has shockingly disclosed that Microsoft is planning to release its own smartphone, running the latest version of the company’s mobile operating system.

Microsoft Surface Phone Caught in Benchmark App.. Really?

The news that Microsoft could be set to launch its own smartphone is an interesting one, especially considering the close tie it has with Finnish hardware maker, Nokia. Having thrown its weight fully behind Windows Phone, Nokia has all its eggs firmly in Microsoft’s one basket, and it would presumably be disappointed to hear of competition from within.

The likes of HTC, Samsung and LG will no doubt also be less than pleased to learn the news, either. Of course, none of this is concrete proof hence, till the software giant does not confirms anything on the same speculation, the partners of Microsoft have nothing to worry about.

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