10 Common Myths About Smartphone Batteries That You Must Know

Smartphone batteries need to be cared, there are one of the critical part of the device. Unfortunately, there are lot of incorrect information about batteries. Some of the big myths includes charging them overnight, or using smartphone while charging are few among many misconceptions about smartphone battery. Here we have came up with a list of misconceptions about battery. Have a look at the slider below.

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NO, most mobile are smart enough to stop charging automatically when the battery capacity is full. However, you can extend the battery life, instead of charging overnight, but try charging the smartphone when batter is between 40 to 80 percent.

While, some off-brand charges are not optimal and will not harm smartphone as long as the charger is properly working.

Its a misconceptions that using smartphone while charging will heat-up the device or burst the device. But, it is not true. However, battery will charge as expected whether or not using the device.

If you switch off the device for an extended period of time, the battery will drain. But it is perfectly fine, it is the nature of the batteries. This will not harm the battery.

Another misconception is that the battery should be fully charged before first usage. Actually, most smartphone are shipped with half capacity and it is not necessary to charge the battery on first usage.

Actually, battery drains only when these features are in use. So having Bluetooth turned on, while not using a Bluetooth device will not drain battery.

Well, Li-Ion batteries are negatively affected by both head and cold. So keeping the batteries in the freezer for a short period will not extend its life. However, room temperature is the best temperature for smartphone batteries.

Smartphone is all about being online, and now a days smartphone are coming with battery optimization technologies that ensure a stable battery life. However, the graphics engines are massive energy drainers. Playing more games on devices will drain battery faster.

This is one of the biggest myth that battery optimization apps will help to increase battery life. While, these app don't even help to optimize battery life.

NO, frequently charging the smartphone will do not damage the battery.

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