Samsung Galaxy S4 Compatible TecTiles 2 NFC Stickers: Now Interact With Your Phone Creatively

Samsung on Friday announced the availability of Galaxy S4 compatible TecTiles. Because of the incompatibility between Samsung S4 with original TecTiles (and other NFC tags) Samsung had to come with a new TecTiles for Samsung S4. Thus the device now is set to use a newer NFC chip that is not written on the same standard.

Reportedly, according to Samsung, the TecTiles 2 NFC tags are perfectly compatible with Galaxy S4 and are now available for $14.99 in a pack for five at official Samsung website. The tags will also be available at other stores next month.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Compatible TecTiles 2 NFC Stickers now available

Dubbed TecTiles 2, the programmable stickers are actually designed to be fully operable with all NFC-enabled handsets from Samsung, including the Galaxy S4.

TecTiles 2 feature an app for Samsung smartphones that allows users to create custom NFC-based functions. It was also said that being compatible with NFC chips that support MIFARE technology, Samsung's new TecTiles 2 can be programed to do a lot of actions on the Galaxy S4 such as: Changing Phones settings, Switch phone profiles, Launch an app, Show a message, Play a track and Make a call.

Samsung has also revealed the compatibility between TacTiles 2 and Galaxy S3 as well as other NFC compatible smartphones from the company.

Reportedly the difference between the previous version and the new TecTiles 2 isn't clear as of now, but starting today it will be available at a pack of five for $14.99 (Rs. 822). The Samsung TecTile Android app is also available for free at Google Play.

How it Works?

TecTile stickers have a small NFC receiver that sends a signal to your smartphone. This signal then triggers an action on your phone such as opening an app, adjusting phone settings, or updating a status on Facebook or Google+.

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