Tata Docomo And Samsung Join Hands

Tata Docomo And Samsung Join Hands
In emerging markets like India where the demand for the mobiles as well as the telecommunications is growing in such a rapid manner that it seems to be unstoppable. With more and more people opting for smooth and reliable services with affordable calling rates, companies have started to rethink on their strategy to go it alone in the Indian market. And they have recognized the need for constructive collaboration among the telecommunication services as well as the mobile phone manufacturers. And the latest news that making headlines as of now is the collaboration and partnership that is going to happen between Tata Tele Services Docomo which is a pioneer in the telecommunication service provider that is managed by the Tata group and Samsung a Korean company that specializes in the manufacture of superior quality mobile phones, smartphones as well as personal computers. The offer is that any of the Tata Docomo customers who opt for any of the six models will ultimately receive 1, 000 minutes of voice calls absolutely free for the consecutive five months. The modes include M Power txt M 369, Galaxy pop 1559. Also models Guru B539, Guru Dual W139 as well as M Power Music F219 and M Power TV S239 come under this scheme. It comes under the promotional scheme.

The partnership is seen by most of the analysts as one of the major change in the dynamics that is going to take place in the Communication market segment. The partnership between Tata Docomo and Samsung Mobiles is applicable across the CDMA and GSM mobiles. The 1,000 minutes of free voice calls for five months comes under the newly launched Tata Docomo's "Dil Khol Ke Bol" promotional offer. The superb launch offer is expected to generate great sales for Samsung and in fact is directly proportional to the increase of Business as far as Tata Docomo is concerned. Of the six Samsung phones that have been short listed by Tata Docomo, five mobile phones makes use of Single SIM technology where as one of them makes use of Dual SIM Technology.

Tata Docomo is growing rapidly by extending its network coverage even across the rural are as in India so as to enhance the users across India with uninterrupted network coverage. Samsung in turn has also established a significant base in the Indian market by launching mobile phones at an extremely affordable price tag which is affordable for the common man at the same time maintaining superior quality in their products with a relatively good warranty period. The 1,000 minutes of free talk time offer is sure to attract the people who are from rural areas as well as the student community who are looking for affordable call rates. And this development of partnership between Tata Docomo and Samsung Mobiles will surely be happy welcome news for most of the users in India. This partnership seems to be a perfect combination and this project is expected to be a huge success across the Indian market.

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