Windows Phone 9, Windows 9 Preview Could Arrive Next Year

We are yet to recover from all the news and excitement related to the recently pushed out Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. But now it seems like more good news are incoming with reports emerging related to the next generation of the Windows software.

According to a leaked official document brough to light by Myce, Microsoft could be planning on preview releases for both Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9 in Q2 or Q3 of 2015.

Windows Phone 9, Windows 9 Preview Could Arrive Next Year

As of now, if the new leaked document is to believed, the final release of Windows Phone 9 could happen by end of the next year, with the Windows 9 Preview version also expected to be available around the same time.

"We know this can't be a fake based on FaiKee's shots because FaiKee only leaked the bottom part after 'Base From Update' on May 16th, whereas our source already had this 2 days before that. Of course this still doesn't mean the original document is 100% reliable," the Myce reports states.

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At the same time, it also needs to be said that earlier rumours had already hinted the Windows 9 release in April at the next Microsoft Build Developers' Conference. And now, the new leaked document puts more weight on those rumours.

"Thanks to this document we now know that Windows 9 is still in the Alpha stage and that the Preview release is indeed scheduled for Q2-Q3 2015 and not February-March or February 3rd," the report adds.

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"'Update Items' include changes to the Metro UI, Windows Defender, OneDrive and improved Windows activation."

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