World's First 24 Karat Gold Plated iPhone 5 Available Now [PICTURES]

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World's First 24 Karat Gold Plated iPhone 5 Available Now [PICTURES]

If you are a gadget enthusiast, there are a lot of things you can buy if you have a enough money. But if you have more than a lot of money, well, then you can always buy gold-plated gadgets too. Yes! It's true! 

In a recent newsbreak it has been revealed that Gold & Co. has launched a gold plated iPhone 5 plated with 24-karat gold for consumers with lump sum money.

The difference between the gold plated iPhone 5 and the regular iPhone 5 is that the gold-plated one shimmers a lot more.

Oh, and it costs a small fortune more as well! First reported by Redmond pie, the golden phone will cost $4600 (approx. Rs 2,50,000) and with the Rose gold weighing it will carry a price tag of around $5000(approx. Rs 2,70,000).

Considering a 64GB iPhone 4S gold plated by the same company will set you back around $4,300(approx. Rs 2,30,000).

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London-based Gold & Co. like putting copious amounts of gold on Apple products, though. They've previously gold-plated iPhones as well as the previous generation of iPads. Have a look at the image gallery of the golden iPhone below.


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