Motorola Android Based Music And Health Gadget

Motorola Android Based Music And Health Gadget
With MOTOACTV you're all set to embark on the all-important physical fitness program. Motorola Mobility announced the launch of a new device, the MOTOACTV. MOTOACTV, resembling the iPod Nano, is an Android-based health and music gadget that can serve as an able companion for your fitness programs. The SF700 is the model coming with the wired headset while the SF500 is the wireless one.

The device from Motorola can sync to your Android phone, with the heart-rate sensor built into the headsets. It is also equipped with GPS. There is a host comprehensive feature in the Motorola MOTOACTV that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

You're offered fitness performance tracking with stats that cover parameters such as distance covered, map of the covered area, pace, amount of calories burned, etc. The workout data gathered by Motorola MOTOACTV is automatically and wirelessly synced to

For your favourite playlists to keep playing on and on, Motorola provides a choice of 8GB and 16GB of storage capability. The full colour 1.6" touch-screen display is clear and also adjusts automatically depending on outdoor or indoor lighting, thanks to the Corning Gorilla Glass protection. The screen is scratch-resistant with the Gorilla Glass cover. The screen is also sweat-proof and resistant to rain, making it ideal for heavy duty use for your indoor exercise regimen as well as the long jogs outdoors in parks or forest trails.

With Motorola MOTOACTV you can also sync or connect the device with your Android smartphone. This can help you receive incoming calls and text messages even while you're busy with your training. You'll stay connected all the time. Understandably, exercising could get pretty boring which is why Motorola has equipped MOTOACTV with FM radio, so you can keep listening to the great tracks from your favourite music stations while you're hard at work in the gym or on the track. You have a wide variety of songs to listen from.

For a device like this battery life is of paramount importance. MOTOACTV features a massive standby time of two weeks, with five hours for outdoor activities and ten hours for indoor training. With Motorola MOTOACTV supporting Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity as well as ANT+ wireless connectivity. You can plug in those all-important fitness sensors.

The device weights only 35 grams and so isn't heavy on your wrist. With dimensions of 46mm x 46mm x 9.6 mm, it's reasonably compact too. Motorola MOTOACTV has a price in India of around Rs. 12,137 for the 8GB version and around Rs. 14,574 for 16GB model. You'll need an additional Rs. 7,263 for the wired headset-cum-heart rate monitor or Rs. 4,825 for the wired version if the product is launched in India.

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