New Balance NB639 Fitness Evolved Headphone

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New Balance NB639 Fitness Evolved Headphone
Technology has found its place in almost every walk of our life. It has been integrated so deeply in our lives that we cannot get rid of this newly evolved phenomenon which is determined to change the lives of people. Manufacturers are manufacturing products that makes use of technology that has almost wide range of applications and not just a means of entertainment. Even the time that health conscious people spend in Gym also is seen as a big business by the technological companies. The latest product to be introduced by New Balance which is a recognized name in the music accessories manufacturing sector is New Balance NB639 Fitness evolved headphone.

The design of New Balance NB639 Fitness evolved headphones is so unique and the looks are so impressive that it is sure to attract the Gym users. There are many features that make this product unique from others. The headphones are designed in such a way that it remains comfortably in your ear till you complete you exercise without any sort of disturbances coming on the users way with the headphones. the headphones makes use of the ear buds so well designed that it suits the ears of any type of users. Another feature that makes the headphone very unique is that it is sweat proof which is one of the most important requirements from the user's point of view.

New balance NB639 Fitness evolved Headphones also comes with the implementation of a chronograph that plays the role of a stop watch by specifying the work out time. Another remarkable feature present in this product is the presence of a heart rate monitor which delivers you the real time information regarding your heart functioning by just placing your thumb over its sensor. the device also comes with a sound producing technology in which you will get all the information regarding your heart rate as well as the number of steps taken and also you will get the accurate information regarding the number of kilometers that you have travelled and even the accurate information regarding the number of calories that has been burnt from your body after or at the time of your exercises.

New Balance NB639 Fitness evolved Headphones come with the implementation of the most advanced software that makes of advanced graphics and has been named HeartPal. The software gives the information regarding the performance of the data. It also keeps track of the graphs and even the records regarding the performance are also stored. It also makes use of good drivers that are present in the earbuds. Other advantages of this product include its compact and convenient size and its comfortable ear buds.

The price in India tag of New Balance NB639 Fitness evolved Headphone is around Rs.4, 000 which is quite affordable and makes it the right choice for the Gym lovers.

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