Onkyo Launches New Audio Products

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Onkyo Launches New Audio Products
A Japanese Electronics Manufacturing company, the Onkyo Corporation is highly acclaimed and has been awarded with a lot of prestigious ‘Gadget awards'. The Onkyo Corporation, supposedly, is one of the best in making cool audio equipments with a tint of futuristic technology. Audio systems for use at home have been of great demand lately. Tabletop speakers, woofer systems, amplifiers, surround sound sub woofers etc are all part of almost every home now in general. But now Onkyo has decided to take them a bit further by releasing 3 new tabletop models which will certainly be certified by Apple, like their predecessors. And Onkyo will also be launching 2 new hi-fi components (2 channels).

The 3 tabletop models are named iOnly Play ABX-100, iOnly Bass SBX-300 and iOnly Stream, of which the third one won't be released anytime soon and the company wants to keep the details a suspense. The Play ABX-100 is an iPod and iPhone dock and is able to charge them as well. The Bass SBX-300, on the other hand, is the first iPad docking speaker system of Onkyo and can charge and dock iPad's. Both systems are rumoured to be priced at similar amounts.

With an LCD touchscreen display with the control buttons in it, a sliding cover display shield, flat-back exterior and brushed aluminium base and cover, iOnly Play is a nifty gadget and pretty cool in the performance too. iOnly Bass is similar in looks and it also possesses an aluminium lug. The dock is in the lower front edge and designed to smoothly occupy the iPad and hold it in style. Both these models come with wireless remotes, full range speakers offering high fidelity, incredible quality, clarity and audibility, and Active Bass Control feature. These speakers are isolated and mounted in the devices.

And of the 2 hi-fi components, Onkyo named them the A-9070 Stereo Amplifier and C-7070 CD player with USB/iPod/iPhone input and are ready to rock the joint in November.

The A-9070 Stereo amplifiers features 4 distinct modes namely split power/pre-amp, pre amp, integrated amp, and power amp. Besides, there is also a phonograph equalizer and headphone amplifier.

The C-7070 CD Player, with gold plated audio terminals and a cool aluminium CD tray, is completely different and will make you tap your feet with its playback efficiency, audio output and sound quality capable of playing tracks from iphone/iPod/USB devices which can be connected to it. If you are worried about noises and distortions, then there is a relief. The C-7070 CD Player features Onkyo's Dynamic Intermodulation Distortion Reduction Circuitry, 2 Wolfson 24bit DACS, brass legs which damp vibrations. So noise, distortion, interference etc aren't going to be a problem. It also comes with amplifiers for headphones as well.

The A-9070 Amplifiers and C-7070 CD player is rumoured to be priced at $1299 and $799 respectively, and will have a decent price in India as well. Let's wait for the revolution.

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