WD Live Streaming Media Player

WD Live Streaming Media Player
Enough of live streaming in smaller screen; think big and do big. Yes, now enjoy the most unique experience of live streaming music and videos with the brand new WD TV live streaming media player.

You can now just sit in your living room and enjoy lime streaming in your television. All you need is to bring home WD live streaming media player. The Western Digital device has a unique feature known as NetFix, which ensures you to connect internet and then stream videos through the television. It ensures high definition video clarity. The device comes with two full sized USB ports to ensure that it can be used to connect hard drives and other input devices. The USB ports can be used to connect keyboards and also digital cameras. To set up the device the user need to perform only two different tasks and that is to connect the power adapter and to connect HDMI cable. After setting up all you need to do is to connect the device with the WiFi and then sit back to enjoy streaming through television. It's not just videos, you can use the device for playing online games, enjoying music and much more services.

You can also use WD Live streaming media player to store personal content. That is, you can use it for storing the information and details on the music and videos such as the release date, synopsis, album and etc. the company is in tie up with bugger players such as social networks such as Hulu Plus and Pandora. Moreover, the user can avail access to CinemaNow, Youtube and flicker and much more. One of the most biggest and unique offering of the company is the Amazon Instant Video which ensures any type of video for the user any time.

As far as WD Live streaming media player in concerned, it is not just like any other ordinary setup box. The device comes up with lots and lots of specialties for the user to enjoy every entertainment facilities available in the internet at a bigger screen. For the European users the gadget provides WD TV Live Hub facility that gain access to DailyMotion. DailyMotion is one among the most popular service in Europe.

Regarding the price in India of WD Live streaming media player is available at a unique price of Rs 4,999. The price in India is pretty affordable as it is below Rs 5,000. Exciting price in India and exciting features, all on the tip of your remote control is what WD Live streaming media player ensures.

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