Twitter Can Help You Find a Job

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Twitter is no longer just a plain micro-blogging site but can now also become your new job hunting ground. Twitter seems keen to position itself as a resource for job seekers. According to a Twitter survey, 77 per cent of polled British Twitter users think the service could help them find a job.

With Linkedin having its own share of "shortcomings", people are increasingly finding it convenient to hunt for a job - or conversely for the right talent - through Twitter.

Twitter Can Help You Find a Job

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Twitter is just about to launch its first British job fair, according to a Forbes report. It could be hard news for Linkedin, which has billed itself as a place for finding work.

In this push, Twitter is working with companies like GlaxoSmithKline, Deloitte and Nestle to connect people with jobs. There's also the inevitable hashtag #YourJob too. What's greater is that on Twitter, one can always go incognito while looking to move on, something that Linkedin doesn't really offer.

After all, nobody would like their boss to find out beforehand that one was moving on. Linkedin may easily give you away.

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