Will Amazon launch 10.1 inch Kindle Fire in 2012?

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Though there are many tablets from several manufacturers, the Amazon Kindle Fire is the only one to threaten the Apple iPad. It has made a significant dent on the market share of Apple. As per the speculations, apple has been losing the market to the 7 inch device from Amazon and so it is prepping a 7.85 inch tablet, the iPad Mini.

However, Amazon is not a company that will sit back and rejoice its success. It is looking forward to launch a 10.1 tablet computer that will compete with the Apple's new iPad, claims Digitimes. As per the report, the latest rumors indicate that the company is working on a 10.1 inch device. This device will be launched in the Q3 of this year.

The website claims that the sources have informed that this step taken by Amazon is to streamline their product lineup and to complete with the iPad and Galaxy Note tablets directly. The pre-orders for the Amazon tablet will start by the end of the Q2 or in the early Q3. Amazon is expected to sell 30 to 40 million tablets in 2012. This includes the 10.1 tablet, the entry level and advanced 7 inch tablets.

The expected launch date of the rumored Amazon device coincides with that of the 7.85 inch tablet of Apple. The iPad mini is expected to help Apple to dominate the tablet market. It will be the thinnest tablet as it makes use of the G/F2 thin film technology. Rumors state that the iPad mini will have a Retina Display and will be priced low.

Do you think the larger Amazon tablet can dominate the Apple's market? Will you prefer Amazon Kindle Fire to Apple new iPad? Please do share your opinion with us through the comments section below.

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