Google Nose and Other Evil Pranks Viral This April Fools' Day

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Today is April 1 - April Fools' Day, which is observed throughout several countries of the world. Common practices include sending someone on a "fool's errand," looking for things that does not exist, playing pranks and trying to get people to believe ridiculous things.

The web world is abuzz with April Fool's Day pranks and Google is definitely not behind. The search engine giant also offers a bang to the visitors on April Fools' Day with a plethora of pranks. Hence, Gizbot has come up with a roundup of all the pranks that have been made by the company for April Fools' Day.

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Google Nose

The most hilarious of all the pranks if Google Nose, a feature with the tagline 'Smelling is Believing". Google claims that this feature is in the Beta stage and has compiled smells from all across Google Maps. According to Google, Nose leverages new and exciting technologies and uses Android Ambient Odour Detection to collect smells from everywhere.

YouTube To Shutdown

In a spoof video, Google has announced that it will shutdown the video sharing service and that a special award will be declared on April 1. The official blog post claims that after eight years, the service will be closed and a winner will be selected based on the Best Video uploaded. It also claims that there will be a live streaming of the nomination.

Street View Disaster

Google has created a new treasure map mode on Google Maps from where users can explore 2D hand drawn landmarks, find hidden treasure chests and look for pirates. Google's announcement talks of the Google Maps Street View team finding a treasure map belonging to the infamous pirate, William Captain Kidd, on a recent expedition in the Indian Ocean to expand its underwater Street View collection. Of course, the Google headquarters gets a special flag on the map.

Emotions to Google+ Photos

There is a prank claiming that Google+ has added Emotion+ option to its social network - Google+. According to media reports, users can open the pictures in the lightbox and click on 'Add emotion' button at the top left and watch Google providing emotions to those in the photo.

Gmail Blue

Gmail Blue seems to have all the best features that users would love making the icons, fonts, buttons, hyperlinks and browser windows in color. Gmail Blue is sure to fool many as it is too endorsing. In the video, it is graced by three men in Blue.

Visitors from the International Space Station – Control Room

Those who use Google Analytics would have come to know that Google has not spared any of its services on April Fools' Day. Well, the tool shows 41 visitors from International Space Station - Control Room on the map.

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