Do you know all about Twitter?

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Do you know all about Twitter?

Now you would have moved to a new version of Twitter interface, but do you know all that you can do with this? You can make use of keyboard shortcuts in the micro-blogging site to accelerate your tweeting experience.

The shortcuts might be difficult to remember but once you start using them, they will create an all new user experience.


K – Previous tweet, J- Next tweet, Space – Page down, /(slash) - Search and .(Full stop) - Load new tweets.


F – Favorite, R – Reply, M – Direct message, T – Retweet, Enter – Open tweet details, N – New tweet and L – Close all open tweets.


GH – Home, GA – Activity, GC – Connect, GD – Discover, GR – Mentions, GF – Favorites, GP – Profile, GU – Go to user and GM – Messages.

In case you need to take a look at these shortcuts, you can press '?' to view the keyboard shortcut menu.

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