Google Maps Takes The World To Mount Everest Kilimanjaro Tour

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Most of us can only imagine, how standing on top of the highest peaks in the world, would feel like. A few people who have actually been there say, it is the greatest feeling in the world. What would you say , if Google said, it had found a way to take you there?

This March 18, The search giant added views from some of the world's tallest mountains in the world to there Google maps. Finally, the world gets to witness something, only a hand full of people have seen before.

From Aconcagua in Argentina to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and from Mount Elbrus in Russia to the Everest base camp in Nepal, Google Street View team brings us a 360 degree view of Earth's most majestic mountain peaks.

Google said in a blog post "Most of us have a bucket list of the places we want to visit in our lifetime. If you're like me, the list is pretty long-to be honest I'd be lucky to get to all of mine. Google Maps has a bucket list too, and today we're checking off a couple of our favorites so we can make our map more comprehensive and share it with you. And if tall mountains are your thing, you're in luck".

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Mount Kilimanjaro

Start your adventure on Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro, the dormant volcano known as the Roof of Africa. See amazing views of the highest freestanding mountain in the world covered in snow just three degrees south of the equator.

Russia's Mount Elbrus

Next, travel to the tallest mountain in Europe, Russia's Mount Elbrus, and see huts made from Soviet-era fuel barrels. Climbers have to take refuge in the huts built on the mountain when the weather turns wretched.

Argentina's Aconcagua

Explore Argentina's mighty Aconcagua, the highest peak in both the Western and Southern Hemispheres. See how a base camp is set up amongst the exposed rock in Plaza Argentina and how expeditions eat, camp and prepare for their ascent.

Mount Everest

Finally, make your way to Everest Base Camp, where expeditions stage their attempts to reach the top of the world. Along the ascent, steal glimpses of the snow-capped Himalayan mountain peaks and the awesome Khumbu glacier.

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