Twitter Blocks Third Party Sites and Apps 'that don't make money'

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Twitter Blocks Third Party Sites and Apps 'that don't make money'

You may recall that Twitter recently introduce strict guidelines for third party application developers using Twitter API’s. Now Twitter is arriving with some stringent measures which are expected to be a major blow for third party sites functioning on the microblogging platform.

Twitter is planning to block access to third party developers functioning on Twitter platform that are not bringing any financial benefits for the company. This means that the apps and websites currently working on this micro blogging platform will be levied a fee by Twitter prior to allowing access to their data. Only those websites and apps will be provided with the ‘sign-in’ button by Twitter.

Reports suggest that Twitter is also planning to block unauthorized posts on their website. If these restrictions come into practice, then several ‘parody sites’ will soon disappear from the Twitter social networking site.

Tom Scott, the developer of parody site ‘Klouchebag’ was quoted saying, “Coming from a company that used to thrive on openness, and whose initial push to success was by the techies who built interesting, small projects, it just seems rude.”

He also told that the concept of commercialization by Twitter makes good business sense, but their step towards blocking the developers and apps which significantly helped increase the popularity of Twitter was more of a betrayal.

But one of the popular twitter based apps named Retweets known to provide users with information on how many times their tweets have been retweeted across the world has a rather different opinion. Dan Solan, the co-developer of Retweets stated that Twitter has taken a bold step forward by means of data mining so as to provide their partners with the profit. He also added that, Twitter by keeping in place new rules and regulations, is trying to bring greater control over the way users connect to their site.

It has to be seen whether the new strict restrictions and rules by Twitter will affect their popularity or will have a positive influence on their subscriber base and revenue growth.

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