iPad: An All Glass Future Concept Poises Apple Fans To Experience A Transparent Tablet [PICTURES]

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With 2013, the world has entered into an era where technology which is evolving as frequently as the sun rises every day. The limits of possibility is constantly being pushed further and further, as the individuals take foot steps into tomorrow. Apple, is one such corporation that has been in the thick of things, when it comes to technology.

Digital artist Ricardo Afonso visions a futuristic Ipad, a completely glass like transparent device that will effortlessly blend in to any décor.

Is this really that impossible? Today's handsets are more powerful then a full sized desktop, we used in the past. When it comes to size, barriers are constantly being broken, as micro circuits & processors are getting smaller and smaller.

The designs of the proposed futuristic Ipad, will feature a trimmed glass-slab like display with a panel like treatment on the top and bottom, that will allow form and function. Afonso makes his CGI skills come alive in a video tour of what could lie ahead for Ipad
If you have noticed, the appearance has been kept smiler to the traditional Ipad. Perhaps, one day, Apple will have the technology to to make such a device. Until then, share your views in the comments section below.

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