8 Interesting and Unknown Facts About Youtube

If you are reading this article, the probability is that you would've used Youtube at least once in your lifetime. To the unknown, which is quite rare to find nowadays, Youtube is a video sharing website and allows users to upload, view and share videos.

So, without much explanation about the world renowned website, we present you the top 8 interesting and unknown facts about Youtube:

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Fact #1

Initially YouTube was founded by Chad Hurley, Steven Chen, and Jawed Karim, former employees of PayPal. They registered the domain name in February 2005 and launched in December of the year.

Fact #2

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. It is larger than Bing, Yahoo and Ask combined

Fact #3

The name "YouTube" and its motto "Broadcast Yourself" is the reflection of the founders, that anyone could use the site freely.

Fact #4

As of now, it would take 1,800 years to watch every Youtube video.

Fact #5

Every second there are around 46,296 YouTube videos being viewed all around the world.

Fact #6

In fact, the YouTube broadcasts about 1/3 of the United States's multimedia entertainment.

Fact #7

Want to download Youtube video without downloader? Just add "ss" in your video URL after "www. " and before "youtube". For example, "www.ss.youtube."

Fact #8

In Youtube the first uploaded video was "Me at the zoo" by Jawed.

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