5 Strong Reasons to Choose BSNL BB249 Plan in India

Telecom sector is the one which is getting heated up these days with the Reliance Jio leading their way. Having said that, BSNL, the state telecom service became aggressive in order to tackle the newly arrived Reliance Jio.

5 Strong Reasons to Choose BSNL BB249 Plan in India

As we all know that, Reliance Jio also entering the broadband sector with its fiber services and also the company is keeping the plans uber cheap same as the mobile prepaid plans.

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Now, things are heating up in the broadband sector and BSNL introduced some new plans with unlimited internet offering. The cheapest plan of all is the BB249 plan. We have already listed the benefits of getting a BB249 plan and here are the five reasons why you should get a BB249 service right away.

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One of the major advantages in using BSNL services. It is not new that BSNL has been managed by our government of India apart from some two states which are managed by MTNL. Other broadband services are being managed by local networks, which aren't reliable.

As we know that the service is truly managed by government of India and as expected the ISP will be provided by them itself.

The service can be installed anywhere, whether it be home or your office. Furthermore, the plan isn't limited to only BB249, there are many other plans which you be interested in and suits your location.

The name itself suggest that the plan is quoted for Rs. 249 and you will be able to get 2MBPS speed for the first 2GB data per month and the installation costs just Rs. 49.

Another major reason of why you should get a BB249 plan as every plan offers you unlimited calling for landlines and mobiles on Sundays and night calling from 9PM-7AM on weekdays, which is not bad either.

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