10 Wacky Flash Drives Every Geeky Would Love To Own

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Flash drives or pen drives are easily accessible in the market. But not pen drives are created equal - they come in a variety of shapes and capacities. While browsing the web, we stumbled upon countless funky pen drives, from really weird to just awesome.

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And the good thing is that you can actually own any one of these weird pen drives. These funky flash drives are simply awesome. Have a look at the slideshow.

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Steampunk USB Drive


If you need a place to store some of your personal data, then get the Steampunk Security USB Drive. It comes with a combination of lock inspired by a Da Vinci sketch that keeps it secure.



The Gigs2Go is made from recycled paper pulp, this palm-sized collection of four tear-away thumb drives makes it easy to share music, movies, photos, and more on the go; each of the four thumb drives holds 8GB of data.



Anime character Domo Kun flash drive with 4GB of storage space and comes with snap keychain.

Tennessee Whiskey USB Flash Drive


An excellent way to express your fondness for a favorite liquor.

1963 Volkswagen Bus


If you have fond memories of the times you've spent in a Volkswagen bus, then this is for you. You can even request for custom order.

Game of Thrones Dragon Egg


Let's talk about the dragons eggs in Game of Thrones. They are the rebirth of a line. They are hope rising out of the ashes. They're a thing of beauty with a secret power inside that takes just the right person to unlock it.

Iron Man


The Iron Man pendrive with 8GB of storage space. The eyes of Iron Man's light up when you plug in.

Nintendo Mario


We've always loved the core concept behind Super Mario land. This cute little pen drive is a perfect for gift for Super Mario fan!

Firefly Serenity


The Firefly Serenity Flash Drive is a beautifully detailed, die-cast metal replica of the Firefly-class Serenity cargo ship.



Yoda, the Jedi Master and stronger than most in his connection with the Force. Its a perfect gift for any star wars fans, has capacity of 4GB.

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