Worst Tech Accessories Launched in 2016

Worst accessories of 2016.

    2016 is wrapping up! All through this year, we have seen many tech gadgets that were launched. While some of these gadgets were pretty succesful, a few of them were mere flops.

    Worst Tech Accessories Launched in 2016


    It goes without saying that not all products that are launched in the market are great. It is common for companies to introduce a few failure models. The products become flops due to reasons such as poor consumer response, issues with the product, etc.

    Everywhere, there are numerous gadgets that are launched and these can be categorized into highs and lows based on the success factor that they have acheived. Today, we have listed a few tech accessories that were launched in 2016 that are disliked by most. We classify these under the worst tech accessories category. Take a look!

    Worst Tech Accessories Launched in 2016

    Apple Airpods

    As we all know, the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus do not come with a standard headphone jack. Apple has made this attempt to take everyone to the wireless world. It introduced the AirPods with a compact wired design and lower price tag, but the same seems to be easy to lose. These are Apple's first Bluetooth headphones and they are truely wireless. These seem pretty weird in comparison to the other wireless headphones that exist in the market.

    Worst Tech Accessories Launched in 2016


    Google Daydream

    Google Daydream renders an immersive VR experience when used along with apps such as Google Street view, but the experience that it offers is quite limited. It cannot be compared to the Sony PlayStation VR. Daydream offers a similar experience as the Google Cardboard and it can be used only with select Android phones.

    Worst Tech Accessories Launched in 2016

    Apple Watch 2

    The Apple Watch 2 launched this year comes with two major improvements such as the waterproof build and GPS in comparison to the previous iteration of the smartwatch. While both these additions are welcome by some users, the fact is that the dedicated fitness trackers including Fitbit are better than the Apple Watch in tracking physical activities.

    Worst Tech Accessories Launched in 2016

    Oculus Rift

    The Oculus Rift VR is an accessory that is controversial. We say this as the device has faced issues such as backorders and broken promises when it comes to shipping to early buyers. The controllers were delayed and it couldn't compete with the Sony PlayStation VR that still remains unparalleled in the VR market.

    Worst Tech Accessories Launched in 2016

    Google Chromecast 4K

    The main reason for the failure of the Google Chromecast 4K is its unimpressive price tag that is $69 (approx. Rs. 5,000). This device lets you play 4K movies from its selection of just 125 movies of which many are old. The other reason for the failure of this accessory is that you need a cable to connect the Chromecast to your Android phone and you need to spend an additional $25 (approx. Rs. 1,700) on it.

    Worst Tech Accessories Launched in 2016

    Google Home

    Earlier this year, Google jumped into the bandwagon of smart assistants with the launch of Google Home. This device is a competitor to Amazon Echo and it can listen to all that you say. While Amazon enjoyed a smash hit with Echo, Google has literally copied the same, claim people who hate the same.

    Worst Tech Accessories Launched in 2016

    Samsung Gear IconX

    In a nutshell, Samsung Gear IconX is a set of wireless earbuds just like Apple Airpods. These earbuds have exercise tracking capabiltiies too. The Gear IconX is pretty expensive compared to the other pairs of headphones in the market and it has come at a time when such wireless earbuds are yet to become mainstream.

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