Apple Isn’t Done With Its Multi-Device Wireless Charging Mat


Apple showcased its multi-device wireless charging mat dubbed AirPower in 2017; however, the product was plagued with development hurdles and overheating issues. The company later decided to scrap the whole idea. But a newsletter from Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman suggests the company isn't done with the concept.


Apple AirPower

The newsletter claims that Apple is working on a charger capable of handling three devices simultaneously - iPhone, Apple Watch, and the AirPods. In June, Bloomberg reported the company was working on a new version of AirPower and a true wireless technology. The report also suggested that Apple is planning to add reverse wireless charging to the iPad and that it was looking for "alternative wireless charging methods that can work over greater distances than an inductive connection."

Is AirPower Making A Comeback?

Is AirPower Making A Comeback?

In the latest newsletter, Gurman hints that the upcoming AirPower could feature one of these new techs. In simpler words, the company could opt for a new technology to overcome an issue it couldn't solve with a device that used currently used inductive charging technology.

Since AirPower got canceled, the company has launched similar products such as a dual charger for the iPhone and Apple Watch. But while the AirPower was a single charging mat capable of charging multiple devices, the Apple-designed iPhone/Watch charger is simply two separate charging devices fitted into one cable.

Third-party vendors including Belkin have also launched multi-device inductive chargers for Apple devices. The devices are good enough, but they still don't meet the standards Apple envisioned with the AirPower.

Achieving Truly Wireless Charging

Achieving Truly Wireless Charging

Apple brought the MagSafe for the iPhone last year, putting wireless charging as the focal point rather than an add-on feature. It has been long speculated that Apple will be dropping physical charging ports from the iPhone entirely in the future.

According to the latest report, Apple is aiming for a future where an iPad could charge an iPhone, and the iPhone could fuel up the AirPods. A lot of this can be achieved through truly wireless charging, without direct physical contact between the devices. Apple may kickstart things with reverse charging and upgrade its way to truly wireless charging tech. It's still unclear when we will see such developments for the tech giant.

Apple’s Vision To Replace iPhones

Apple’s Vision To Replace iPhones

Besides, Apple also envisions replacing the iPhone with a new daily computing device. As per renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the shift is set to happen within a decade. The new device would be an augmented reality (AR) device. AR is computer-produced images overlaid in the real world. The device will fall in line with the growing trend of the metaverse.

Apart from entertainment purposes, the device could also come in handy in overlaying important information. It can be used to project map directions, provide info about what the user is seeing, or play AR/VR games.

The company is expected to launch an early version of its smart glasses next year. It will lock horns with other AR/VR headsets including Facebook's Oculus Quest 2 ad HTC Vive. As per Kuo, this device won't depend on the iPhone for performance and will pack its own computing prowess.

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