Apple Smart Battery Case: 10 Amazing Facts That You Should Know

    Apple has recently launched an external battery case - the Smart Battery Case especially made for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. The Smart Battery Case seems to be a move from Apple long after users have complained about short battery life of Apple iPhones.

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    The iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case can keep the iPhone 6S running for 18-25 hours. Similar to other battery cases available in the market, the iPhone 6S Battery Case connects the iPhone via a Lightning port at the bottom, using a traditional lightning cable. Here are the 10 things you probably didn't know about Apple's Smart Battery Case.

    Apple Smart Battery Case Fact 1:

    The Smart Battery Case lets you to check its internal battery status directly from the connected device.

    Apple Smart Battery Case Fact 2:

    The available battery status of Smart Battery Case is able to view on the iPhone's lock screen without even having to unlock the device.

    Apple Smart Battery Case Fact 3:

    Apple has for user friendly design, offered as a single piece rather than two bits that join together. The case is looks gorgeous with premium feel.

    Apple Smart Battery Case Fact 4:

    The case is capable of providing up to 85 percent of charge from 0 percent, connected to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s.

    Apple Smart Battery Case Fact 5:

    The internal capacity of Smart Battery Case is recorded at 1,877mAh.

    Apple Smart Battery Case Fact 6:

    The Smart Battery Case comes with internal LED light indicator to provide a visual feedback of when the device is charging.

    Apple Smart Battery Case Fact 7:

    There is also a setup for the headphone jack on the device, so that it can be used with Apple's EarPod and other headphones with the case on.

    Apple Smart Battery Case Fact 8:

    Most third-party battery cases charge the phone the first and then charge the battery pack later. Apple came up with crossover technology to ensure that the case's battery itself is also charged mid-way as part of phone charge cycle.

    Apple Smart Battery Case Fact 9:

    The case is intelligently designed in a way to ensure sound is rerouted from the bottom speaker to a front-facing opening on the case.

    Apple Smart Battery Case Fact 10:

    Unlike a lot of third-party battery case, Apple Smart Battery Case doesn't contain a dedicated power button to turn the case on or off.


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