Be Extra Careful When Installing Software Update On Wireless Headphones Or TWS


We are currently living in a world, where, even the budget earphones and headphones will receive software updates. In most cases, device manufacturers push software updates to improve the overall user experience or to fix some bugs.

Be Extra Careful When Installing Software Update On Wireless Headphone

In very limited cases, these software updates are also used to deliver new features, only if a brand claimed something during the launch. This means, most software updates available for wireless earphones will be minor updates and might not change anything drastically.

Be Careful When Installing A Software Update

Unlike smartphones and laptops, wireless earphones will not feature a port for data exchange. Though most wireless earphones will have some sort of port (micro USB or USB Type-C), these ports are only used for charging and not for data transfer.

Hence, in most cases, a software update for a wireless earphone is delivered via Bluetooth. Given the limitations of Bluetooth technology, it does take some time for the installation of new updates. Hence, always make sure that the earphones will have at least 50 percent battery while installing a software update.

Say your wireless earphone is low on charge and you initiate a software update, then if the earphones run out of battery during the process of installation, the device will be bricked. As these devices do not have a diagnostic port, even the OEM will not be able to reflash the software.

If you are lucky, then you should be able to get a replacement from the brand. However, there will be a high chance that the brand might not offer a replacement, stating the damage has been done by the user's negligence.

How To Install A Software Update On Wireless Earphones/TWS

When you are installing an update, which happens via an app most of the time, make sure that the paired smartphone is connected to a WiFi network and then ensure that the earbuds have at least 50 percent battery before initiating the update process. Make sure that you do not close the app on your smartphone until the update is completed.


How Not To Install A Software Update On Wireless Earphones/TWS

Never initiate a software update process when you are on the go or traveling. Always make sure that the paired smartphone is closed to the earphone while pushing a software update. Do note initiate a software update when the battery is low on either the smartphone or the earphone/TWS.

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