DIY: Top 8 Smartphone Accessories You Can Do On Your Own

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Smartphone users make use of a lot of accessories to enhance the user experience. But, a slew of such accessories available in the market seems grossly overpriced.

DIY: Top 8 Smartphone Accessories You Can Do On Your Own

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These days, there is a wide choice of accessories that are available for smartphones. Usually, people use accessories like cases, covers, docks, charging cables, screen guards, etc. But, not all smartphone users would be interested in shelling out so much money.

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Did you know that you can make these accessories all by yourself instead of purchasing them? Well, we take you through a slider showing ten such DIY accessories that you can make yourself.

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Portable Speakers

The sounding docks can cost you a lot. You can stay away from wasting your money by boosting the volume of your phone with a paper cup or bowl.

Screen Guards

By default, a screen guard is the first thing that a smartphone user will purchase for the new phone. You can do one all by yourself using a cheap piece of vinyl and cut the same with a Xacto knife. This will protect any device you want to at a much cheaper cost.

Stands and Docks

People are behind docks and stands to hold up their smartphones. You can make stands from any object including glasses, cups, packaging material, etc. There are many ways to get these done and all you need to do is just a bit of research.

Portable USB Chargers

There are many products in the market that will give a little battery boost to your smartphone. You can make one out of a tin and power it with triple A batteries. It will save your smartphone's battery when there is an emergency.

Headphones with in-built remote controls

All smartphone come along with a pair of crappy headphones that feature in-built microphone and remote control as well. If you want quality headphones, you can purchase another pair of headphones compatible to your device. Instead, you can splice your headphone without paying any extra cost and convert the same into an adapter.

Mini Charging Cables

You can shorten your existing USB cables instead of buying one using a wire stripper and soldering the same. This will save space in your backpack and you need not deal with tangled charging cables again.

Touch Screen Gloves

If you are staying in a cold region, then you will have to wear gloves most of the time. It would definitely by annoying to take your gloves off all the time and use the device. You can avoid this situation by buying a pair of touch screen friendly gloves, but this can be done as a DIY project with conductive thread.

Rubber Cases

You can add a rubberized finish to your smartphone's case with products such as Plasti Dip. This will give a better grip and keep the fingerprints away from your smartphone's back.

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